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Huntington Parks Dept, Daddy Daughter Dance (Friday)

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Huntington North's Midwest Showcase Northridge and Carroll (Friday)

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Huntington North's Midwest Showcase Northwood and Woodside (Friday Night)

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Huntington North vs Ft Wayne Gymnastics, Sr Night

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Huntington North's Midwest Showcase Churubusco and "RC" Singers

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Norwell vs Breman 3A Girls Basketball Semi State Championship

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Huntington Parks Dept, Daddy Daughter Dance (Friday)

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Proud to be your personal historians!

Who is Greenbear Digital Media?

Greenbear Photography was established in 2012 in the metropolis of Markle, Indiana by me, Patrick A Mericle. From the beginning, I wanted to showcase the positive things that happen in our community and that our kiddos do more than just play video games. Also, how the coaches and officials are a special breed that don't do what they do for the money but for the love of the game and the kids.

It is no longer accurate to say Greenbear is just sports and events photography. We consider ourselves personal historians. More importantly, YOUR Personal Historians. We cover everything from YMCA Pre-K  Basketball, to High School Football, to Band concerts, County Fairs, Festivals and plays. 


We have Greenbear THE DEN, which is our online publication that covers the inspiring people and events of the area, news from local high school sports, college signings, graduations, shout-outs to local military and first responders and more.


We plan on working with student writers giving the a chance to get published. The scouts, and many other youth organizations people that don't normally have a chance to be published, will have that chance. We will post our sneak peek albums from our sports and other events. We are planning to do some fun pieces like “Where are they Now” and others. The sky’s the limit.


I am honored to have 5 VERY qualified photographers working with me, all with the same passion as I and you can find them under The Team tab.

We are honored with the special task of capturing memories for generations of your family.

Thanks for giving us the ball, we got this!

The Greenbear Advantage is
The Team!

Our team covers functions from YOUR town, YOUR school and YOUR events.


We see the world as a visual place. With well over 70 years of combined experience, this team is there to capture it!


If you see us at an event, don't hesitate to ask us to take a specific photo! It cost nothing extra!

I proudly introduce your "Personal Historians"

Patrick Mericle

Greenbear Digital Media

Owner | Photographer

Katelyn Henslee

Urban Echo Photography

Norwell Student/Photographer

Jim Bartrom

Big Dog Photography


Doug Hoag

Bar Nuthin Enterprises

Web Designer

Teresa Brumbaugh

Greenbear Digital Media

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Dani Clark

Photographer, Writer

Grace Anderson


Jessica Sizemore

Blue Hour Photography


John Tolen

Freelance Photographer

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones Photography


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