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Won't you join us?

Thank you for considering being a Greenbear partner!

What is Greenbear? Simply put, we take professional photographs of local sports and events.


Instead of putting our name on the photos, we reserve that honor for you! We place our photos on our website and because of you, they are free to download.  Trust me, OUR/YOUR PATRONS LOVE US!!!

Let's talk! We can video chat or just chat on the phone if you would like more details, there is more info to be sure.

We can't wait to hear from you  - send me an email today at,


Patrick Mericle

Owner and CEO

Inquire Today!

Sponsor Form

We have sponsorship plans, beginning as low as $300!  We're open to discussing custom plans to meet your needs!

Contact us to discuss the best plan to put your ad in front of thousands of local Greenbear patrons!

Here are a few of the things we offer...

  • Single Event Sponsorships

    • Multiple event discounts!​

  • Seasonal Sponsorships

  • Digital Frames and Installation in your facility

  • Twin Site Sponsorships - Both here and on our publication site, The Den

  • We can customize a plan to meet your specific goals!

Inquire on Sponsorships!

Some of our Great Sponsors!

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